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Our Children are the Gift of Life’s Longing for Itself!

They run toward Life, arms open, and Life loves Itself through their small bodies. Pressing themselves into the sand, sifting dirt, watching an inchworm measure a branch, reaching toward the black cat who looks at them through inscrutable green eyes….it is their biological imperative to reach toward Life. We, their care-givers, must structure the way in which Life reaches back, the the way they are touched in return.

They need to be touched by grass, flowers, sunshine, birdsong. They need a pile of dirt and earthworms. They need songs, stories, paints, costumes. And games that go on without end….

To Know The World Is Good



For the young child especially, but for all children as well, it is a rich life-lesson to experience “whole process” learning.  We live in a  fast-paced, fragmented world.  With the SOLs and Kindergarten Boot Camp looming large on our national landscape, when does a child have the opportunity to take a field trip to the apple orchard, bring the apples “home” to school,  process and cook them into apple butter to eat, weekly, on their home baked bread?   Or plant bulbs in the fall, and jump for joy as they peek through the late winter snow.  Activities as simple as working day after day on the apple butter, or using growing muscles to dig a bed for an autumn bulb….then sweetly forgetting all winter long….only to be amazed by early crocuses, teach endurance, patience and the reward of caring-for.  The young child learns it is good to live in a strong body, to work and care for the earth and oneself.  And to share this sense of goodness with those we love.  The buzz-word these days is self-regulation, but we just call it a healthy childhood.

In this late winter snow, we dream of the green outdoors

Living in the round of the seasons, as earth moves slowly through her journey around the sun, our souls learn this “round movement” as well. We are shaped by a bountiful grace. To live in the abundance of the natural world, held in the arms of our loving family, capacities evolve that will serve us and the world.

Today we marvel at the flock of spring’s earliest birds eager at the snowy feeder, last summer we found a baby turtle, in the fall we plant bulbs to perfume the coming spring. What is born of this is the knowledge that we are part of a mysterious unity that holds us, cares for us and sustains us. As well as the desire to hold, care for and sustain life itself.