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Rose Garden “Day of Service”

In the spirit of change that is sweeping the nation and our globe, and looking toward a brighter future, The Rose Garden children joined neighbors helping neighbors all across the country, in a day of service.  But what exactly can three, four and five year olds do to be helpful?  And how can this tie into our normal school life?  Each day every child participates in house keeping, each with a particular chore.  They cheerfully wash tables and chairs, wash cups and spoons, and sweep the floor.

Nearby The Rose Garden, in the heart of our tiny town is the Batesville Store.  The store is Batesville’s “front porch” where locals go for coffee, conversation and good food.  Many of the children and parents go to the store on their way home from school.  The Post Office is next door.   This seemed like the perfect place for our day of service.

We packed sponges, brooms, mops, wisk brooms and dustpans, along with crayons and paper.  Away we went bright and early in the morning.  At the store, the children were confident, engaged, industrious, and told people who came through the door “We are helping out our neighbors!”  With great cheer, they sponged the many tables and chairs, dusted and swept the floors, emptied dustpans, and enchanted all.  At the Post Office, the Postmistress was thrilled, telling the children she was so busy with the mail she never had time to clean.

When everything was sparkling clean, we sat down and colored bright pictures which we made into a book for Cid and Liza, the store owners.  The children were hungry, now, and happy to have our snack of bread and honey butter at the big shiny tables in the store.

It was a day of work and fun.  The lesson that helping friends and neighbors is its own reward was sweet and tangible!

Create Your Family Culture

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Create Your Family Culture

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Parents of young children will  begin to explore the regeneration of 21st century family life.  You will envision the “Star” of your family’s culture, studying deeply your own family’s rhythm, your family’s work together and play together. You will inquire into your child’s life, looking carefully at art, stories and the nature of play itself. The complex and often confusing questions of discipline will be discussed, beginning with your own sense of discipline. You will learn the fine balance of both protecting your children from the effects of this 21st century highly media-saturated culture, while also preparing them as young adults, to step into their world with courage, hope and commitment. read more »