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The First Winter Rose – Stories For The Early Winter

Once upon a time, in the deep cold of winter, an old man and a young woman began a long journey.  They packed their few belongings onto the back of a little gray donkey, and so they went along, up one hill and down the other.  As they traveled, the winter wind began to blow.  The young woman pulled her cloak more closely around her shoulders.  She shivered. The day wore on and her footsteps became slow.  Finally, as they stopped to rest, the old man said to her, “here, my dear, let me carry our bags, so the donkey can carry you.”  Wearily, she climbed onto the donkey’s back.

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Welcome friends! – A Story

Welcome friends! This is the perfect time of year to begin a new journey together. Perhaps springtime seems more likely, with its riot of color and soft winds. But let me tell you a story. (And may our time together be filled with stories. Our joined stories help us not only know who we are, but also help us create who we will become)

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Create Heaven on Earth for Your Family !

Let Sharifa Oppenheimer help you create Heaven on Earth for your family!

create  Heaven on Earth for your family!

create Heaven on Earth for your family!

Join her in a variety of ways.

–The Book: Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children

–The School: The Rose Garden, a play oriented outdoorsy early childhood program

–Summer Fun: The Rose Garden Summer Camp, a child’s slow meander through summer
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Family Camp

Join Sharifa Oppenheimer for


A Summer Camp for Families with Young Children read more »

Presentations and Workshops

1. Creating Family Rhythms: ritual, routine and repetition are the magic words for health and harmony in the home. Learn how to bring these to your daily, weekly and seasonal life with your family. Study in depth the creation of family seasonal festivals.

Family Consultation

A One Year Training for Families read more »

Summer Fun !

Summer will soon be here, and excitement is rising for summer camp! The Rose Garden will again offer an exquisite summer experience for your child. Days spent under the green umbrella of this old, well-loved forest are treasures our children carry for a lifetime. Our daily rhythm is a joyful open schedule, which breathes slowly and deeply with the children: read more »

The School

Thank you for your interest in The Rose Garden. You will find here, at the Rose Garden, an environment filled with the wonders of nature. Your child will spend days playing at the foot of ancient pines, surrounded by birdsong, and the melody of the small stream. After the midday meal, in the warmth of sunlight filtering through the forest umbrella, your child will dabble beside the brook. Or swing, or dig and make sand-pies, or build fairy huts in the garden-play-yard. The richly varied natural terrain, as well as the natural play equipment, offers endless opportunity for physical development, allowing your child to live deeply into the body, happy “inside their skin”. read more »

The Book


As we witness the shifting of old forms that once stood as the foundation of our daily lives, parents who must prepare the next generation to meet this changing world;have more questions now than ever before. Although our culture and the nature of the family may be changing, the atmosphere in the home continues to create the foundation of a child’s life. In Heaven on Earth, parent and educator Sharifa Oppenheimer reveals how to make the home environment warm, lively, loving, and consistent with your highest ideals. read more »

Our Heaven on Earth

Welcome to Our Heaven on Earth.

Parents, do you feel the increasing pressures of 21st century life?
As career expectations rise, and our commercialized culture rushes forward, do you feel the time necessary to nurture your children becomes both more crucial and more difficult to attain? Although our machines and technology offer benefits unimagined even fifty years ago, the shadow side is deepening, as we become isolated from our earth, each other, and ourselves.
What can you do to shift this paradigm?

Let Sharifa Oppenheimer help you create Heaven on Earth for your family! Join her in a variety of ways.